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The manufacturer of waste treatment equipment analyzes why domestic waste should be classified and treated


Why should domestic garbage be classified and disposed of? In the past, the domestic waste treatment equipment company's approach was to landfill, occupying tens of thousands of acres of land and seriously polluting the environment. Only the classified collection of waste can reduce the amount of waste treatment and treatment equipment, reduce treatment costs, and reduce the consumption of land resources. It has a social, Economic and ecological benefits.

Advantages of waste sorting treatment:

Reduce land occupation

Some materials in garbage are not easily degraded, causing serious erosion of the land. Garbage classification, remove recyclable, non-degradable substances, and reduce the amount of garbage by more than 50%. Therefore, the sorting of trash bins also facilitates the sorting and recycling of trash. Protecting the environment starts with me.

reduce environmental pollution

Abandoned batteries contain metal mercury, cadmium and other toxic substances, which will cause serious harm to humans; waste plastics in the soil will reduce crop production; discarded waste plastics are eaten by animals, causing animal deaths from time to time. Therefore, recycling can reduce harm.

Turning waste into treasure

One ton of waste plastics can re-refine 600 kilograms of unleaded gasoline and diesel. Recycling 1,500 tons of waste paper can avoid cutting the trees used to produce 1,200 tons of paper. One ton of cans can be melted into one ton of good aluminum blocks, which can save 20 tons of aluminum ore. It is conceivable that the garbage is sorted for easy recycling.

We have been talking about garbage sorting since we were young, but there are not many people who do it. There are still a lot of mixed garbage throwing away. In fact, we still need to learn other things, sorting and recycling garbage. If there is no sorting, we will not recycle it, so that children can be nurtured since childhood Important awareness of garbage sorting!

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