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What are the benefits of stale garbage sorting machine for processing stale garbage?


The stale garbage sorting machine refers to the separation of several types of different types according to the composition, attributes, use value, environmental impact and requirements of existing treatment methods. The experience of stale waste sorting machines in developed countries in Europe and the United States and domestic cities tells us: stale waste sorting machines are the prerequisite for scientific waste disposal, laying the foundation for reducing waste, recycling and harmless treatment. While promoting the progress of urban civilization, cities can better accommodate people's good lives.

1. Sort kitchen garbage according to the perishable organic components, provide high-quality raw materials for garbage composting, and produce high-quality organic fertilizers, which will help improve soil fertility and reduce the amount of chemical fertilizers;

2. Reasonably classify hazardous waste, reduce the content of heavy metals, organic pollutants and pathogenic bacteria in the waste, facilitate the harmless treatment of the waste, and reduce the risk of water, soil and air pollution in the waste treatment;

3. Increase the proportion of waste recycling, reduce the demand for raw materials, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions;

4. Popularize environmental protection and garbage knowledge, raise society's awareness of the sanitation industry, reduce the difficulties of sanitation workers, and form an atmosphere of respect and care for sanitation workers.

The obsolete garbage sorting machine is an endless process of civilization, accompanied by urban development and social progress. The obsolete garbage sorting machine reduces land occupation, reduces pollution, and turns waste into treasure. It has three social, economic and ecological benefits. This is related to the improvement of residents' quality of life and urban temperament. It is necessary to improve the quality of the living environment and enhance the beautiful ecological civilization.

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