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The principle of the main use of garbage treatment equipment


Garbage treatment equipment can separate the metal from the construction waste from stones, cement, brick slag, etc., and play a role in waste recycling. Metal, plastic, stone foam, sand, silt, etc. can also be effectively separated from domestic garbage to achieve the purpose of resource recycling.

There are several ways to dispose of garbage:

1. Waste Recycling Law: After the waste is sorted, the materials that can be used directly are reused. The principle of the main use of garbage disposal equipment is as follows. For example: waste glass, plastic, metal, paper, newspapers, wood chips, oil stains, etc.

2. Waste incineration power generation method: This is a method commonly used in many countries in the world. It can not only disinfect the waste, but also turn the waste into energy.

3. Composting method: According to the traditional principles of agricultural manure accumulation, organic waste and microorganisms in the soil are used to convert waste into organic fertilizer for soil improvement.

4. Waste biodegradation: Utilize a variety of bacteria with multi-function and high degradability to accelerate the decomposition of organic and inorganic matter in the waste, making it a treasure, material, and use. According to different strains, anaerobic degradation and oxidative degradation are two types.

5. There are many garbage collection classifications. Such as the classification of garbage stations, and some recycling.

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