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What equipment does the waste sorting and processing equipment production line include?


The garbage sorting and processing equipment production line includes crushers (bag breaking machines), drum screens, vibrating screens, bounce screens, relaxation screens, belt conveyors, air separators, magnetic separators, etc., which can be combined according to different needs.

Crusher: Urban domestic garbage is often packed in plastic bags, and there are also small bags in big bags. If the garbage is not scattered from the bags, the subsequent effective sorting cannot be carried out. Therefore, it is necessary to break/tear the garbage bag in the first link at the front end, usually a bag breaker or shredder is used. Both serve the purpose of tearing open the garbage bag and dispersing the garbage to facilitate subsequent sorting. The difference between the two is that usually the bag breaking machine only serves the purpose of tearing up the garbage bag, instead of breaking the garbage in the bag into multiple individuals and fragments. The scattered garbage can avoid serious entanglement, pollution and adhesion. In addition to the purpose of tearing the garbage bag, the shredder can also tear the garbage into multiple individuals and fragments, which can separate the garbage more effectively without causing adhesion, entanglement and pollution.

Roller screen: also called rotating drum screen, slowly rotating cylindrical screening surface, the drum screen axis is generally installed at an inclination angle of 3-5 degrees. During screening, the material is fed in from the higher end, and then the rotating drum is continuously turned inside the screen. , The fine particles finally pass through the sieve surface. The inclination angle of the trommel determines the axial speed of the material, while the behavior of the material perpendicular to the drum axis is determined by the speed. Usually used for the screening of domestic waste, decoration construction waste, etc. The size of the screen can be flexibly set according to actual needs. The trommel screen technology is mature, which can perform a good screening operation for different particle size wastes and has high productivity.

Bounce screen: The bounce screen sorts the materials according to the weight, density, three-dimensional shape, and size of the plane. The materials can be divided into 2-3 categories through the bounce screen. One is three-dimensional and heavy materials, such as plastic bottles and stones. , Ceramics, wood, metal cans; one type is flat and light materials, such as: plastic film, fabric, paper, cardboard boxes and fiber products, etc., on the sieve plate, the sieve holes can be added as needed to be smaller than a certain size such as 60 mm The material is separated, and the bounce screen also shakes off the sticky matter and sand that adhere to the material, which plays a role of dispersing the material.

Spreading screen: The screen uses a polyurethane screen chassis, which can be tightened and loosened to form a trampoline effect. The movement is driven by two vibration motors. This elastic screen solves the challenging screening of wet materials or viscous materials. The dual vibration motors generate resonance and move materials in two ways. The first is the tightening and loosening of the polyurethane pad. The second is the transportation of materials. Due to the tightening and loosening of the screen chassis, there will be no blind spots or hanging nails to avoid clogging. The high acceleration of the material makes it possible for materials that are difficult to separate. The sifter can have a multi-layer design and a combination of standard meshes.

Why choose Henan Lanji Machinery for waste sorting equipment?

1. The plan design implements the general contract, saving effort and worry

The first choice is from site survey and confirmation to production line selection, equipment configuration, and later on-site installation and trial operation. The entire process is followed by the company's professionals. The user's investment and project construction are quite clear, and the user only needs to Just wait until the commencement period to start operations, and the whole process is effortless and worry-free.

2. Mature technology and reliable equipment

The production line plan is designed according to local conditions, the entire production line process layout is compact and reasonable, smoother, and the quality of all equipment is guaranteed, the entire production line equipment is at a high level, to ensure that the production line maintains a long-term efficient and stable operation.

3. Green and environmental protection, energy saving and electricity saving

The design level of the garbage sorting equipment production line is in line with the domestic environmental assessment standards. The operating noise and dust pollution of the entire production line have been reasonably controlled, and will not affect the surrounding environment. This improves the economic benefits of the company while also taking into account social benefits.

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