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Reasonable use of garbage disposal equipment


Garbage treatment equipment refers to equipment that continuously produces various food wastes, daily necessities and work supplies during the normal operation of ships. Waste treatment and classified collection are generally divided into plastic products and their mixtures, food waste, floating objects, and other wastes for treatment. General treatment equipment includes incinerators, compactors, mashers, etc.

For the garbage that cannot be discharged at sea, it can be stored or crushed and compacted and stored to the port receiving agency; the garbage that can be stored at sea is compacted at sea and then stored in the designated sea area; crushed stone can also be used After being crushed, it is sent to an incinerator for incineration, and the ashes are discharged in the designated sea area.

Carry out rapid cleaning and harmless treatment of garbage to realize the rational use of garbage. Currently, the commonly used garbage disposal methods include landfill, high-temperature composting and incineration. Its main goal is to achieve harmlessness, resource utilization, and reduction.

The quality of maintenance staff is uneven: companies usually simplify the organization, making the quality of the entire maintenance team very low. Therefore, the technical transformation and maintenance of many equipment cannot be completed, and the accuracy and performance after repair cannot meet the production needs, which affects the normal operation of the enterprise. Using domestic waste treatment equipment, but lack of relevant technical personnel, equipment utilization rate is low. Therefore, in many cases, domestic waste treatment equipment is often idle due to minor faults, resulting in a waste of resources.

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